Be More Vegan: The Young Person’s Guide to Going (a Bit More) Plant-Based

A new book for teens who want to pursue veganism and need more info – and some yummy recipes.

Author Niki Webster has been a vegan since she was a child and discusses the many reasons – animal welfare, the environment, etc. – for living a vegan lifestyle. But she also addresses many of the questions and concerns teens (and their families) have regarding health and nutrition, ethical conundrums (one of her examples about quinoa is quite interesting), and especially how to make a vegan diet delicious!

“If like many people today, you’re considering a vegan lifestyle, then it’s important to stay healthy and eat well, so this book is packed with nutritional advice and delicious recipes that are good for you! Remember, nobody’s perfect and you don’t need to be completely vegan to make a change, but if you’re thinking about it, why not start by trying out some of my easy vegan favorites?

Purchase on Amazon here.

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