Cookie Policy

If you came here looking for yummies, this policy is, sadly, about internet cookies. These cookies are small information files that we send to the device you’re reading this on. They help make our website,, work better and provide information to us, girlworks media inc.

What are Cookies? Internet cookies are small files placed on your browser (e.g., Safari,  Google Chrome or Firefox) that help us recognize you when you return to the website and can tell us whether you’ve visited before.

The information we collect from cookies allows us understand your search. We use it to assess how the website is being used.

No personally identifying information is included in this type of reporting.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use different types of cookies on our website. They are:

  • essential cookies, which are required to make the website work!
  • analytical cookies, which help us recognize you and see how you use our website. These cookies help us improve the website’s performance – they make sure that you easily search for things, and speed up those searches.
  • data collection cookies, which gather information about your website experience.

If you click on another website via a link from ours, they might use their own cookies on your device too. We don’t control these websites and are not responsible for their cookies.

Contact girlworks with any questions or concerns regarding privacy or cookies.