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girlworks was created to fill a media void for girls & young women.


Our website and digital magazine offer diverse content for the teen who might be just a little tired of magazines that publish articles such as “How to look good for your boyfriend!” or “Change your hair color, change your life”.

We assume most young women read at an adult level (or nearly), have a LOT of interests and want to be educated and informed. And respected!

Our magazine is free of advertising, so any product you see in our publication is chosen by our Editors – not paid for by advertisers.

Since 2008, girlworks, the magazine for smart girls aged 11 – 16 has offered a content-rich publication, covering 10 topics:

  • Girls in the world – discover a new country and a girl or woman of influence from that country
  • Careergirl – review a new career option in each issue
  • Science & Technogirl – the latest in science and technology
  • Art & Design – including your fanart submissions
  • Health & Beauty – tips to help any teen Fashion & Style – the latest trends and fashions
  • Sports & Fitness – get moving and find a sport or activity that interests you!
  • Entertainment – music, movies, dvd’s, games (including Indie)
  • Moneygirl – how to manage & budget your money
  • Quizzes & Games – brainteasers, quizzes for girls and more!

So, get hip, get savvy and get real with girlworks!