Art History Resources

Smart HistoryArt history is a vast and complex topic—which can make researching it difficult. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Smart History. The site organizes its content by date, location, and artistic period, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

They also offer “beginner’s guides” that will help you understand how to look at art. Smart History’s essays and videos cover a wide range of topics that will make it easier to understand exactly what you’re looking at.

The MetThe Metropolitan Museum of Art (commonly referred to as “The Met”) is the largest museum in the United States. Suffice to say, they boast quite an impressive collection—one they make incredibly easy for you to access and explore!

One of the best resources of the site is access to thousands of The Met’s publications that you can read and download for free. Access it here.

Museum with No FrontiersA collaborative project between the E.U. and numerous galleries, Museum with No Frontiers allows you to learn about a wide range of art forms. The site has three sections: Discover Islamic Art, Discover Baroque Art, and Discover Carpet Art.

Art News

Google Arts and CultureGoogle is a powerful research tool, so it’s no surprise that Google’s Arts and Culture hub contains endless information. Explore art by checking out collections from around the world, by searching based on time period and historical events, or even sort by medium.

In addition to being a great catalogue of art, Google Arts and Culture also publishes stories and articles.

Google Arts and Culture is also available as an app. Google Arts & Culture App. Available on iOS and Android

Tools for Artists

SketchUpIf you’re interested in architectural design, furniture design, or creating 3D models in general, try SketchUp. The free version allows you to develop 3D models using their software on the web (meaning no downloads). Save your creations to their cloud and show them to anyone!

Photopea Photoshop (and other Adobe products) aren’t cheap, especially for a teen. Unfortunately, if you’re interested in photo editing, programs like Photoshop are a necessity. Try Photopea, a free Photoshop-like program available online.

Krita Krita is a free online painting program that’s perfect for anyone interested in creating digital artworks. The program excellent features such as the ability to customize brushes, brush stabilizers, and the ability to design the dock workspace to fit your needs.

Image Resources for Artists

The New York Public Library Digital CollectionThe last thing you want to run into as an artist is copyright issues. The New York Public Library Digital Collection has made over 800,000 images available to the public. You will be able to find a variety of copyright-free images that you can use in your own artistic endeavours.

Explore Art

Closer to van EyckGet up close and personal with the renowned works of Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. The site’s main attraction is van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece, which can be explored in extreme detail on the site. Learn about the meaning behind each and every element!

Virtual Tour of the Uffizi GalleryNot everyone can visit Florence on a whim, which is why the Uffizi Gallery offers a virtual tour of their collection. Not only can you “walk” through the gallery, but you can click on many of the pieces to learn more about their history.

Click the “View on Google Maps” button to open a fully immersive experience of one of Italy’s more important art museums.

Winsor & Newton Masterclass Collection Winsor & Newton art supplies are trusted among artists, but their website is also helpful for those wanting to learn the basics. Check out their free videos if you’re interested in learning a variety of painting skills.


DailyArt This free education app shows you a new piece of art every day. You can expand your artistic knowledge by learning about different artists, their pasts, and of course, their work. Available on iOS & Android

MediBang Paint If you’re someone who likes to paint and draw on their tablet or phone, MediBang Paint is an excellent option. Designed with comic creators in mind, the free app has over 100 brushes as well as text tools. Available on iOS and Android.

NGAkids Art Zone Though it appears like it was made for young children, the NGAkids Art Zone app—developed by the National Gallery of Art—is actually fun for any art history lover. You can play the eight interactive activities inspired by some of the world’s most famous artworks. The app also offers a “sketchbook” that you can use to draw and paint freehand. Available on iOS