Submission Guide

General Information:

girlworks is published for girls aged 11 – 15. Page length can vary from issue to issue from 56 pages to 82 pages. Our magazine is content-rich with few ads. girlworks media inc. is a Canadian publisher. Janet Kim, Publisher

The magazine is published 6 times annually:                   January / February, March / April, May / June, July / August, September / October, November / December

Full price subscriptions to the work are $12 in Canadian currency.

In each issue we cover the following 10 categories:

– girls in the world (review of a noteworthy girl in a particular country, and information on that country)

– careergirl (reviews a different career each issue)

– money (articles on issues relating to money management)

– entertainment (book / movie / music reviews & entertainment stories)

– sport & fitness (girls in sports, fitness tips)

– technogirl (the latest in technology and gadgets)

– health & beauty (healthy eating and lifestyles / beauty tips )

– fashion & style (fashion trends and advice / hot new styles)

– art & design (includes fan art / crafts / culinary / other)

– quizzes and games (fun activities for girls)

Editorial Guidelines:

We are interested in publishing articles that are age-appropriate, but we prefer to think of our readers as intelligent young women who are exposed to adult media in their everyday lives. We do not try to sanitize media for girls – but try to expose them to reality, through intellectualism.

Writers are welcome to propose an article in any category for any issue. Please provide a brief description of your idea, including a list of sources you plan to use, your intended word length, and any unique angle or hook you think will make your piece irresistible to its intended audience.

Articles range from 2 – 4 pages in length. Assume 200 words per page.

Please send your submissions via email. We assure you that your submission will be read and reviewed when submitted. We will be in touch via email within 1 week of receipt, to let you know whether we would like to use your article in our publication.

Articles are reviewed and selected based on various criteria including subject matter, timeliness, space availability, writing quality, and style. Therefore, we do not guarantee acceptance of any content, nor can we guarantee a publication date.

Should your article be accepted by girlworks for publication, girlworks media inc. will negotiate in good faith the copyright to the article. Authors will be asked, upon acceptance of each article to submit an invoice. Payment will be made to authors upon acceptance of the invoice and article.


By assignment only. Artists should submit review samples of artwork to be kept in our illustrator files. We prefer to see tear sheets or photoprints/photocopies of art.

If you wish to send an original art portfolio for review, package it carefully, insure the package, and be sure to include return packing materials and postage.

Author-illustrators may submit a complete manuscript with art samples. The manuscript will be evaluated for quality of concept and text before the art is considered.

Editing Privileges:

The editorial staff of girlworks magazine reserves the right to edit any accepted manuscript. This is done with a conscious effort to preserve both the writer’s style and the intent of the material. If editing is extensive, then the edited manuscript will be submitted to the author prior to publication.


We purchase the following rights:

First North American Rights—The author retains copyright, and may submit the manuscript for publication elsewhere after it appears in girlworks. girlworks has first time printing rights.

Second Rights—Rates are for a previously published article. Author must own copyright, or submit proof of permission to resell from the copyright owner.

Simultaneous Rights—The author must notify publisher that the submitted article is being offered in another market that should not overlap our readership.

Please send your submission queries to: