The Book of Lost Secrets: 11-Year-Old Author Invites you to Get Lost in Enchanting Mystery

Diya Shanmugaraj’s ‘The Book of Lost Secrets’ is a magical, exciting adventure novel for children, following the story of twins who uncover the secrets contained in an old writer’s house. It’s a stellar effort from the young author, and calls on the boundless imagination of childhood.

A missing writer. A house filled with secrets… and a dangerous quest yet to be awaited.

When Tom and Lily move into an old writer’s house in the suburbs of the English countryside, they grasp the opportunity to untangle the mystery of the writer’s eerie disappearance. Living in a house frothing with secrets, they delve into a world of untold mystery, embarking on their most dangerous adventure yet. But, as the twins journey through the depths of London, they begin to realise how far a single book can take you.

About the Author:     

Diya Shanmugaraj has loved listening to stories since she was little, and decided at a very early age that she would make tales of her own. Over the years, she was shortlisted for the BBC 500 words competition, and The Book of Lost Secrets is her first novel which she wrote in 2019 being 11 years old. Currently, she lives with her family in Oxfordshire with her cheeky little brother, and her two guinea pigs, Albus, and Sirius.

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